Nishkam TV Launch – June 22 & 23, 2019

This past weekend will be remembered for a long time, not just by the Sikh community in New England, but perhaps by Sikhs and other religious communities all over the world. For the first time ever, young kids have launched their own TV channel to not just share the message and philosophy of their faith with the rest of the world, but to create a platform that visualizes certain major social as well as world issues from their perspective. Nishkam TV came into existence on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

The name and logo of this new channel speaks volumes by itself. Nishkam means “devoid of desires”, or simply put “selfless”, which is just one of the key aspects of Sikh philosophy. The logo looks like an eye, implying that all programs shown will focus on the Sikh viewpoint pertaining to various matters that are broadcasted in those shows.

On Saturday as well as Sunday, the Facebook page of Westborough Gurdwara Sahib live telecasted the entire launch event, which was watched and liked by people from all corners of the globe.

From toddlers to teens, all youngsters were enthusiastically at the forefront of the event, performing duties ranging from welcoming people attending the Gurdwara Sahib to interviewing them and seeking their feedback on their channel and what they would like to watch.

Already, the channel has a lineup of a vast variety of programs and shows, some worth mentioning include those related to healthy eating, interfaith discussion and protecting our environment. Taking cues from Sikh philosophy and history, these kids will endeavor to achieve milestones in terms of propagating their ideas and reaching out to both Sikh as well as non-Sikh populations worldwide.

Watch the demo real presented during the launch!

Nishkam TV is a first-ever online TV channel run by Sikh students in the USA with the mission of promoting interaction between different faiths and cultures to bring us closer as one humanity and enhance our lives. This TV channel will be run exclusively by students and will be available online on our website and on our YouTube (Nishkam TV), Facebook and Instagram social media channels.


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