Microsoft Office 365

Non-profit initiativ­es like Nishkam TV are only possible by the generous support of donors.

Nishkam TV has a three-prong mission – Create Great Content, With High Production Value and Market it well to outreach the world. With this strategy in mind, the organization structure of the Nishkam TV spreads across various teams. The creation of these teams is done based on the student’s interest level. Nishkam TV now has 50+ kids signed up across seven groups – Production and Operations, Content Writing, Talent/Hosting, Website and Newsletter, Social Media Presence, and Design.

We wanted to execute on our mission teaching kids teamwork, collaboration, transparency, communication across boundaries, and capturing ideas and notes in meetings. We wanted a platform which can help us execute on this mission with a tool like personal emails for everyone, intranet portal, chat/discussion boards, and video conferencing tools. Since these students are Millenials, we wanted these tools mobile-enabled.

After research, we realized this platform with these many licenses could easily cost 15K per year — an amount which is out of range for most of the non-profits. We reached out to Microsoft, and they donated us 60 licenses of Microsoft 365. Big shout out to Microsoft for giving these licenses as a gift with all the tools we needed to enable these young minds. Thanks for believing in the leadership of our team and our mission.

Now Nishkam TV runs on Microsoft 365, and every student has their personal email, distribution groups for their teams, productivity tools, and Sharepoint for collaboration. Students have named the Sharepoint Portal SAANJH. SAANJH is a Punjabi word which means PARTNERSHIP/TOGETHERNESS/COLLECTIVE in the English language.


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