By: Agamjot Kukreja

Dr. Ramneet Kaur

Q: What do you do professionally?  
I am a faculty in the Biology department at the University of North Georgia. I teach Biology courses as well as conduct research in the field of cancer biology. I am working on natural products for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer as well as prostate cancer. I am also an Adjunct Professor at Mercer University and the University of New England.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your research and experience in Breast Cancer and Experimental Psychology?
I am working on natural products for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer. Triple-negative breast cancer is a very aggressive form of breast cancer and the only treatment available for TNBC is chemotherapy. There are many drawbacks of  using chemotherapy. Chemotherapy cannot distinguish between fast-dividing normal cells and fast dividing cancer cells. Patients who are being treated with chemotherapy get very sick because of the side effects of chemotherapy. Also, the patients initially respond to chemotherapy, and later they become resistant to it, and cancer relapses. We are working on natural products like turmeric, ginger, garlic, grapefruit, etc as they are well tolerated by the human body and will not be toxic to the human body like chemotherapy. We are also trying to explore if natural products can solve the problem of drug resistance in the field of Oncology.  
I have contributed a few chapters like the nervous system and the sensory system to the psychology books. Psychology and Biology are related subjects. I enjoy doing interdisciplinary work and applying my knowledge of biology to the field of Psychology. 

Q: How do you get your ideas/inspiration for the activities of Khalsa School Kids? 
I have been treading the path of Sikhism for more than 1 decade. I have been on my internal spiritual journey with the Guru and learned about life, creator, and creation from the Guru. I want to pass the teachings of the Guru to the next generation and show them the path of Sikhism so that they can also walk with the Guru. The knowledge and the wisdom imparted by Gurbani are transformative and pave the right path for us. Gurbani is my inspiration for the activities of Khalsa School kids.

Q: What drives your passion for Sikhi and how do you balance it with your professional commitments?  
Sikhi is the oxygen for me and I breathe Sikhi. I recite Gurbani in the morning and connect with Waheguru. It reminds me of the real purpose of my life and what I need to accomplish during the day. Gurbani is also a constant reminder to my mind that I need to conduct my worldly affairs with kindness and grace. I perform my professional commitments keeping the teachings of Gurbani in my mind. Poetry and sketching inspired by my Sikhi are my hobbies as they relax me in my busy life.: 

Q: What is your role in Nishkam TV, and how do you actively fulfill this role?
My role in Nishkam TV is as an Advisor. My role is to review the material that is being presented on Nishkam TV. 

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