Nishkam TV is launching a campaign, “Farmer’s Protest in India – TEN FACTS you need to know.” Each video in this set of 10 videos will talk about each FACT not covered in the media under 2 minutes.

Link to YouTube Playlist

The farmers are protesting laws passed in September, giving big corporations more leverage to squeeze selling prices from the crops. This is, yet another, addition to the already depressed farming sector, one which reports many farmer suicides each day.

These laws were passed in a very undemocratic way – without debating these bills in Parliament or consulting agriculture subject matter experts.

To exercise their democratic right of peaceful protest, the farmers (including women, children, and even some 70-80 years of age) marched to Delhi, India’s capital, to protest the three new bills. Police have attempted to block demonstrators from their right to peaceful protest. In the cold weather of Northern India, para-military forces have fired the protestors with tear gas and water cannons. In addition to these inhumane forces, the police dug the national highway, splitting the road to Delhi in an attempt to withhold entry for the peaceful protest.

We must stand with farmers!

If you read the following news links, you can clearly see what the government is doing is a human rights violation:


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