2020 was the global pandemic. This year also sparked the largest sustained protest ever in human history. Hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers camped at the borders of Delhi, protesting against three farm bills forced by the Government without any consultation from them. They slept on the streets through the freezing cold and heavy rains. Even though over 350 of them have died, still, the number of protestors continues to rise.

What motivates these people to persist against all odds? Why are their demands echoing with farmers and concerned citizens around the world? This documentary takes you on the journey to meet the protesting farmers, understand the reason for their spiritual strength and join them in Declaring a Revolution.

Official Trailer


Harbal DEEP SinghDirector
Nishkam TV FilmsProducer
Angad Pal SinghWriter
Rajnarind KaurNarrator
Dr. Manpreet SinghMusic
Vishavjit SinghIllustrations

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