By: Jasman Padam

Nishkam TV partnered with NESSC to celebrate a virtual Vaisakhi Diwan on April 25th.  During this Diwan, Vaisakhi was celebrated through presentations, Shabads, Posters, and Gatka (Sikh Martial Art) organized by the wonderful Khalsa School teachers and students.  

The program was introduced by Tanisha Kaur. She explained the background of the word “Khalsa” and its importance in today’s world.  

The younger Khalsa School students presented the posters made of recycled items available at home. Thereafter, the PreK and Kindergarten Gurmukhi classes recited a poem, “Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas”.  Kirtan levels 1A (Tum Sharnai Aaya Thakur Tum Sharnai Aaya), 1B (Charan Kamal), 1C (Manas Ki Jaat Sabey Eko Pehchaanvo). 

Gurmukhi class level 3 recited a poem on Khalsa and gave a presentation on Vaisakhi and modern-day prominent Sikh figures. They also gave information about why and how the Khalsa Panth was formed and about Khalsa Aid. Kirtan Level 2A (Mat Bhule Re Maan Chet Hari), 3B, and 3C sang  Shabads  during the diwan.  

There were special segments by Khalsa school teachers who talked about their respective classes, their curriculum, and their experience teaching in the Khalsa school.  

Gurmukhi level 5 gave presentation on Vaisakhi and level 6 presented skit on Vaisakhi.  Level 2 Gurmukhi recited the 52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and the accelerated Gurmukhi class explained the story behind them. Lastly, there were special performances from the Tabla and Dilruba classes.

The program concluded with a Gatka (Sikh Martial Art) performance.  

On April 18th, 2021, a special Diwan was held at Westborough Gurdwara Sahib to celebrate Vaisakhi. Shabad-Kirtan was recited by Khalsa school students and other Sangat members. LIVE Tabla, Dilruba, and Gatka performances were also held to commemorate the Khalsa Sajna Diwas. It was mesmerizing to witness all these in person.  

A special Tabla Performance on Vaisakhi.


A special traditional dish known as “Mithe Chawal” or sweet orange saffron rice was prepared by Sangat members to be served in the langar as part of the celebrations on the occasion of Vaisakhi. The vibrant orange color of sweet rice represents Khalsa and makes it a great way to celebrate and honor Khalsa and Vaisakhi. Manpreet Soin, the host of the Nishkam TV Healthy Eats for All show, has shared the recipe of Mithe Chawal for all the viewers.

We look forward to next year and hope it will be closer to normalcy. Happy Vaisakhi!

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