By: Harneet Kaur

Nishkam TV has recently released some exciting new productions, including a documentary and an interview with Khalsa Aid.  Two short films are also in the process of editing. To learn more about these productions, read below and be sure to watch them on our YouTube channel.  

Declaration of Revolution  

‘Declaration of Revolution’ is a documentary about the recent farmers’ protest in India, the largest sustained peaceful protest in history. This documentary is the first of a new venture called Nishkam TV Films, launched on April 13, 2021, on the auspicious occasion of Vaisakhi, which is also an important day in the Sikh religion. The documentary is directed by Harbaldeep Singh, written by Angad Pal Singh, narrated by Rajnarind Kaur, illustrated by Vishvajit Singh, and music by Dr. Manpreet Singh.  

This documentary shows hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers camped at the borders of Delhi, protesting against three farm bills forced by the Government without any consultation from them, how they slept on the streets through the freezing cold and heavy rains. The documentary is informational for those who may not know about India’s farm laws and situation. It does a wonderful job of putting together the various parts of this ongoing protest. Before even being released, the documentary is already an official selection at eight international film festivals.  

Poster of the Documentary

The Times of India recently published an article on this documentary. 

What motivates these people to persist against all odds? Why are their demands echoing with farmers and concerned citizens around the world? This documentary takes you on the journey to meet the protesting farmers, understand the reason for their spiritual strength and join them in Declaring a Revolution. 

Khalsa Aid Interview  

Nishkam TV released a program based on the Khalsa Aid Interview with Ravi Singh Khalsa and Amritpal Kaur on February 23, 2021. The team leads of Nishkam TV had the opportunity to interview and learn about the humanitarian relief provided by the organization Khalsa Aid. Harbaldeep Singh, founder and mentor, of Nishkam TV was the moderator of the interview. The Team Leads who also helped to lead the interview include Kiren Kaur Bagga, Gurleen Kaur (Team Lead, ‘Content), Raunaq Singh Mokha (Team Lead, Production and Logistics), Harneet Kaur (Team Lead, Marketing), and Meher Kaur Khanna (Team Lead, Social Media). Our previous newsletter also features Khalsa Aid in the ‘Sikh Organizations in America’ section. The interview covers how the organization was founded, work done by the organization amidst the pandemic, Khalsa Aid’s involvement in farmers’ protest, and its social media outreach. Ravi Singh, the CEO of Khalsa Aid answered the questions and shared his experiences during the interview. Khalsa Aid, inspired by the Sikh ideology of “Sarbat da Bhalla” meaning well-being of all, has been nominated for a Noble Peace Prize for its 20 years of selfless service. This was a wonderful opportunity for Nishkam TV and the interview is really interesting to watch!  

Ravi Singh CEO of KHALSA AID Interview | Founding Khalsa Aid | Work/Life Balance | Fake News etc.  


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