The First Ever Online TV Channel Run By Khalsa School Students in the USA, Paving the Way For The Panth's Future

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Nishkam TV is centered around the concept and spirit of Nishkaamta or Selfless service. We aim to provide wholesome media content through Sikhi lens regarding building dialog, increasing understanding, and promoting interaction between different faiths and cultures to bring us closer as one humanity and enhance our lives

About Us

Nishkam TV is an online TV channel created in partnership with the New England Sikh Study Circle, New England Khalsa School, and Westborough Gurdwara Sahib. Our goal is to use visual media as a collaborative medium to allow students to develop new skills and passions. Along with filmmaking, kids will learn a range of topics: script writing, production design, marketing, hosting shows, the importance of a social media presence, and website management / development. During the process of developing shows, the students will have the opportunity to collaborate with one another and challenge themselves to new levels of thinking. While working with modern day issues, talks shows, or events in the community, each student will be an integral part of production. Without support from each team, the final product is not possible. In addition to successfully launching and running the channel, our ultimate goal is to provide a well-rounded set of skills to our students as well as providing them with exposure to new/unique fields of work.

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