By: Simrit Kukreja

KhojGurbani is an educational nonprofit organization that maintains an online platform at and a free mobile application available at Apple App Store ( and Google Play Store ( KhojGurbani is focused on encouraging Sikhs to at least ONE complete reading and study of the Guru Granth Sahib. This mission is made possible by providing educational material and resources on Sikhi to anyone interested in furthering their understanding of Gurbani, Sikh History and Gurmat Sangeet (Kirtan). KhojGurbani provides resources such as a digital version of the Guru Granth Sahib itself, a large collection of Gurbani Kirtan, and an interactive blog. 

Khoj Gurbani addresses many problems for Sikhs living in the West. Gurbani is much more accessible in English now, thanks to dictionaries and recordings found in KhojGurbani’s online platform, which weren’t as easily available before. This is a great way to keep our future generations connected to our rich heritage. KhojGurbani has multiple resources of Gurbani. One of those resources is a program called A-Sabad-A-Day. Starting September 1, 2020, KhojGurbani has been sending out daily shabad accompanied by an English translation/transcreation and a short English interpretation – both in text. The goal for A-Sabad-A-Day is to have Sikhs, children, and adults, to create of habit of listening, reading, and reflecting on Gurbani. The program doesn’t require a lot of time, as it only needs 10 to 15 minutes a day. It can be done anywhere and doesn’t require multiple people. This helps push forward the vision of having every Sikh reading and studying the Guru Granth Sahib at least once in their lives. 

KhojGurbani has received great feedback around the world and is growing. Their Facebook group has over 3,000 members who receive A-Sabad-A-Day, their podcasts get downloaded 500 to 700 times a day and their mobile platform has more than 30,000 live recordings of Gurbani Kirtan. KhojGurbani plans to make video presentations on major themes of Sikhi, Sikh History, and Gurmat Sangeet in future. KhojGurbani vision is reaching to many Sikhs around the world and will eventually reach out to every Sikh in the world. With help of latest technology, KhojGurbani hopes to establish a cyber-sangat, a virtual kinship that will create the necessary synergy to encourage and facilitate an individual Sikh’s apprenticeship to the Guru. 

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