By: Bhumeet Singh

Dasvandh is a very significant concept in Sikhism. It means to give one-tenth of your earnings towards the betterment of society and was established by the guiding principle “Vand Chakna” (which means to share your earnings) of our First Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.  

Dasvandh Network is circled around this concept. Dasvandh Network (DVN) is an online donating platform, where donors can donate to philanthropic projects all across North America. DVN also provides organizations with the opportunity to start new projects. DVN’s donation network is a non-religious network, meaning that it welcomes any person to help out with a project, not just Sikhs.   

Nishkam TV’s Harneet Kaur and  Bhumeet Singh Bhatia had the opportunity to talk to the executive director of DVN, Mandeep Singh. Mandeep  explained his role at DVN. His job is to make sure that DVN is moving forward in the correct direction for the betterment of the organization. He also helps out with marketing and accounting.    

Mandeep Singh, Executive Director of DVN

DVN has helped out with many projects. One of which is a project started by the Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF) called Sponsor a Scholarship. The project’s goal is to provide scholarships to brilliant students from a low-income family in Punjab and Northern India. So far, DVN has received close to $37,000 in donations to support this project.  

Among other philanthropic efforts, DVN also hosts their signature event called Dasvandh Week, every year. This event happens all across North America, in November. Dasvandh Week is when DVN doubles or triples the amount of money in donations. For instance, if someone donates $1000 towards a project, DVN matches that amount, so in total $2000 or $3000 is put towards the project.

DVN also held a fundraiser in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement called the “Black Emotional and Health Collective”  

As all big organizations, DVN has set some goals it wants to achieve in the near future. DVN’s goal for 2021 is to raise at least $1.3 million dollars in donations. By 2022, DVN hopes to raise, a minimum of $2.3 million dollars, in donations. They also plan to hold strategic campaigns with numerous Sikh organizations. DVN also plans to bring a new product line called AutoDasvandh. AutoDasvandh is a tool that lets the donor choose the amount they want to give monthly to the causes they would like to support. All in all, DVN’s work has helped out many projects and continues to help society in numerous ways.  

To learn more about DVN and donate, visit their website: Dasvandh Network  

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