By: Agamjot Kukreja

June 26, 2021, marks the completion of the seventh month of farmers’ encampments surrounding Delhi against the three anti-farmer laws. It also marks the 46th anniversary of the promulgation of the Emergency by Indira Gandhi, leading to the cessation of civilian rights and arrest of thousands of people and suppression of all opposition. In order to mark this date a rally was organized on June 26th by Dr. Jaspal Singh, a lifelong activist and a Harvard scholar, at Harvard Square, Cambridge MA to support the protesting farmers and to renew our pledge to defend the rights of all humans and nature.  Harbal Singh, Nishkam TV’s founder and one of the many people to attend this rally, gave a speech regarding this issue. Harbal Singh shed some light on the documentary he directed called “Declaration of a Revolution”. The general message was that farmers need a simpler way of income instead of having to go through the long process that capitalism proposes. This means that India has to put effort into thinking of a solution instead of copying a solution from another country. 

 Another representative of our NESSC Gurdwara in Westborough, Sonika Gill, gave a speech at this rally as well. She gave more specifics into the issue and talked about the resilience and bravery these farmers and the many other communities supporting them have shown. This was the first of the monthly rallies in support of the protesting farmers and will continue to be held on the last Saturday of the month as long as the farmer’s protest is going on in India. Next rally was held in Union Square, Somerville MA on July 25, 2021 and then at Town Hall Plaza, Arlington MA on August 29, 2021 respectively. The people of Boston and our Gurdwara sangat will continue to stand with the farmers and support them until the anti-farmer laws have been repealed.  

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