A silver lining of the Coronavirus pandemic –  In order to control the spread of Covid -19, many countries implemented lockdown which has led to some unexpected consequences. It has drastically reduced air pollution and caused a sudden drop in carbon emissions making the skies look clear and blue. The effects of the Coronavirus on the environment are surprisingly good. Places around the world are experiencing less pollution than has ever been seen in those areas. Hence, slowing down climate change. For example the view in Jalandhar, Punjab has gotten better. For the first time in decades, locals have been able to see the Himalayan Mountains. These mountains are over 200 kilometers away. Germany has produced a record amount of electricity this week through solar panels as the coronavirus lockdown clears pollution.

In the first quarter of 2020, C02  emissions were cut by 20 metric tons. Meanwhile, in Venice, residents are saying that the water has actually been clear. Before the Coronavirus outbreak, the Venice canals flowed with murky waters and garbage. With fewer water taxis and boats ferrying the city’s tourists and residents along the canals, the air and water have become cleaner. Also, the clearer waters are attracting animals back to the canals like fish and swans.

The overall slowdown and reduction of vehicles, factories, and activities caused by this pandemic are leaving a good impact on the Earth’s environment. These are just a few examples of the positive change we all are seeing in our environment recently. Hope, once this pandemic is over, humanity learns from these forced changes and emerges into a cleaner and healthier world by choice.  


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