Blood Donation Drive & CPR Training was held in NESSC Westborough Gurdwara, MA. This initiative was taken by Arimita Padam, Khalsa School Student in Gurdwara Sahib. Arimita told Nishkam TV newsletter team that late last year she read an article that describes our current inability to synthesize fully functioning blood, and this struck her; how can we create organs but not the seemingly simple red fluid pumping through our veins? This revelation increased the importance of Blood Donation tenfold in her eyes. Her dad has always been an avid donor, and she wanted to follow the same path.  Unfortunately,  she did not meet the weight requirement; but the value of teamwork came to  her mind.  

Arimita informed that her school already has annual Blood Drives, so she talked to her parents and they supported her idea of starting a Blood Drive at the Gurdwara Sahib. As Sikhs, we feel morally obligated to help our community in any way we can. People in the Gurdwara avidly helped spread the word and lined up to donate, while prominent businesses such as Starbucks were eager to help.  

Not only has this turned into a bi-annual event, but she also coordinated with Blair Young of the American Heart Association to hold CPR/AED training as well as Blood pressure checks. Opportunities such as this are necessary for us to develop well-rounded, community-oriented personas. This event has been no different from others at the Gurdwara in that it demonstrates the kindred spirits and intrinsic, altruistic motivation of the Sikh community.  


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