The Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is a 17-year-old global institution that connects people with the teachings of Sikhi and strengthens the bonds of the Sikh community around the world by offering courses and seminars using various platforms. SikhRI aims to make Sikh education accessible to anyone, helping more people to understand the principles of Sikhi and presenting Gurbani the way it is. They host live events on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. All online courses offered by SikhRI are free. 

SikhRI organizes a program called ‘SIDAK’ annually. Sidak is a distinctive leadership development program for young adults seeking to increase their commitment towards Sikhi. This is a 2 week intense Gurmat leadership camp for men and women ages 18 through 40.  People come from all around the world to attend it. The three main courses offered in this program are Sikhi 101, Sikhi 201, and Gurbani 101 which provide an in-depth understanding of Sikhi. The course format encompasses lectures, discussions, and activities. It provides tools and exposure to nomenclature for developing an approach to understanding Guru Granth Sahib. The upcoming SIDAK(2020) is scheduled from July 26 to August 8. 

SikhRI did a thirteen-day countdown to Vaisakhi with a different speaker each day to talk about Vaisakhi and its importance in Sikhism. Recently, they started doing live Interactive Webinars that enables participants from around the globe to connect with SikhRI online by attending webinars from the comfort of their home computer. Interactive sessions cover themes such as Sikh history, Gurmat traditions, Social activism, and Human rights. These can also be accessed as a recorded webinar at a later time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team of SikhRI has made some of their recent courses more kid-friendly and is working passionately to feature voices, thoughts, and feelings that they believe will be helpful and inspiring. People need to register to attend these webinars LIVE. Some of them are: 

Getting to Know Waheguru by Jasmine Kaur: This workshop is specifically designed for young children ages 6-10. Children will walk through a Sabad by Bhagat Kabir Ji using illustrative material and learn about the qualities of the Divine. This workshop will help kids learn new vocabulary, develop thinking skills, and hopefully leave them with a desire to learn more through questioning and self-discovery. 

Love and Justice by Asha Marie Kaur: This recurring webinar started on May 26, 2020, will discuss the Sikhi principles and what it means to apply them in your daily life. Throughout this webinar series, the key elements of love, as well as the relationship between love and justice will be discussed.  

Discovery by Jasleen Kaur: One of their upcoming webinars is called Discovery. It is a recurring bi-weekly webinar. It focuses on providing Sikh teens with a nonjudgmental safe space to explore spiritual awareness, personal understanding, mutual understanding, moral character, and ethical awareness through dialogue. Each lesson will cover one of the topics starting with exploring issues with race, bias, and identity.  The first lesson was on May 31. 

Babanian Kahanian Divas by Inni Kaur, Arpinder Kaur, Jasmine Kaur, Rapinder Kaur, Gurmeet Kaur & Harliv Kaur: This drop-in live webinar made just for children to engage them with Shabad, Sakhi, Storytelling, Poetry, Puzzles, Art, and much more will be held on June 14th, Children’s Day. These various activities will help children learn about Sikhi in new and creative ways, prompting lots of questions and space for self-discovery. 

For more information and registering for upcoming Live Webinars 

SikhRI periodically runs a short series of videos explaining Gurbani terms and Shabad concepts and various historical episodes to inspire Sangat’s.  Recently there was a five-part series where one can explore the main themes, social and political messages in Asa ki Var. It’s called Asa Ki Var Explained! by Inderpreet Singh. Inderpreet Singh is a member of the Board of Directors of SikhRI. He is also a member of the Board of Advisors of Sikh Coalition and Nishkam TV. This video series beautifully answers the questions like What is Asa ki Var? What are some of the  social and political messages in it? How can one further engage with Asa Ki Var? Inderpreet Singh wonderfully explains the significance of Asa ki Var in our lives and that it is sung by Sangat. Sikhs come together as a congregation and sing Asa ki Var early in the morning. It is a tradition since the inception of Sikhism.


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